Happy Earth Day!

Yesterday, in honor of celebrating the wonderful place that we all call home, the WSU Environmental Science Club decided to do a stream clean up!


In total, we filled three bags worth of trash and recyclables, as well as 42 cents and a ring!

Care to guess what the most interesting piece of trash that we found was….??

A “Mr. Delivery“ Sign!  How it ended up in the stream is anyone’s guess…

But all work done yesterday put aside, Earth Day, April 22nd is not the only day that we should be celebrating and acknowledging the Earth. A once a year celebration is not enough!       Every day should be treated as Earth Day.


For those of us that sometimes get wrapped up in our own worlds, Earth Day is a great reminder that we share this planet with so many more organisms that we may not even realize are there.

Like many other mothers, my mother always told me that wherever in life I go, I should always leave any place in a better state than the state in which I found it.

We are renters on Planet Earth. At some point, all of us will move on from our current states into an unknown. However before then, it is up to all of us that we leave the Earth better and healthier than how we found it.


I propose some Earth Day challenges:

Create an Earth Day Resolution.

Take ten minutes a day to say thank you to the Earth.

Stay mindful of the impacts that actions may have on the environment.

Encourage your loved ones, family, and friends to take part in weekly community service activities. The more the merrier!


With this year’s Earth Day Celebration just about over, challenge yourself during this next year to make the Earth a better place than it was in the past.

~Written by Laila Reimanis~