Know Your Recycling Lingo

In every city, the criteria for what is considered to be recyclable is different. It’s important to be able to recognize what can and cannot be recycled from your own home!


Here’s a quick guide for Pullman!


For those looking to build on their Recycling Lingo, there are different recycling symbol codes that determine how recyclable a material is.


The Recycling Codes indicate what chemicals are found in the plastic and how recyclable and or biodegradable the plastic material is. Most items fall in the first and second categories.

Below is a layout of the symbols and what they indicate.


The City of Pullman accepts all 1-7 recyclable materials of plastic bottles, jars, and other containers. However, Pullman will not recycle any plastic bags or film products. Local grocery stores like Safeway collect plastic bags and will recycle them for you!

Here is the website for Pullman Recycling:

Check with your city to learn about their recycling center.

Recycling correctly is an easy way to reduce the amount of waste that goes straight into landfills.


~Written by Laila Reimanis~